Three Benefits of Creating a Floor Plan

Three Benefits of Creating a Floor Plan

Creating floor plans is one of my favorite things. Possibly because it reminds me of my days of doing layouts for a manufacturing plant or maybe because this one thing has such positive impact.

Recently, I was able to do a floor plan for a sweet senior couple moving into a retirement community. They had collected so many treasured items and furniture and needed help determining what fits, and where.

There are so many benefits I’d like to share…

These are 3 of my favorites:

  1. Saves Time! To ensure accuracy, I take measurements of your new home (as most layouts provided are not to scale or are inaccurate) and your furniture to create a floor plan. Don’t bother with graphing paper, ruler and a pencil! I use a great visual and hands-on tool that will put YOU in control to help optimize your space. You can decide what to take, what to give away/sell or even identify items you need to buy. There is no need to guess or hope items will fit. Moving day is NOT the time to try different furniture configurations hoping all your items will fit!
  2. Saves Money! There have been times that the residents take TOO MUCH and there is simply no space for it all. This requires the movers to take the furniture back (or to donation) which adds additional cost for the movers and unwanted stress. Identifying items early on that you are not able to take gives you the option to sell them instead of donating them the last minute.
  3. Ensures a Smoother Transition! Planning ahead reduces unnecessary stress. By simply creating a floor plan, you can have confidence that you have optimized your space with items you’ve chosen. Additionally, movers can use the floor plan to know where items go, which avoids confusion and wasted time.

If you are interested in doing a floor plan, please call today (480) 339-0011 to set up an appointment! Have other questions regarding helping seniors move? Please don’t hesitate to call!


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